ASTEROIDS is now being promoted on

Booklife is a division of Publishers Weekly magazine, developed to promote self-published authors.

ASTEROIDS will be:

– included in Publishers Weekly’s print and digital edition

– on the home page of

– on the home page of

– Included in BookLife’s weekly email newsletter to 21,000 recipients

– Promoted on BookLife’s Twitter and Facebook channels

These activities will help get my first novel in front of thousands of book sellers, librarians, agents, publishers, film producers and production companies.

Hopefully getting ASTEROIDS “out there” will help build a following, create a Buzz for the book, generate reviews and BOOST sales!

Book Promotion Begins

Book promotion activities have begun…”Asteroids” will soon appear on NetGalley.

NetGalley is a publishing industry connecting point for book publishers, reviewers, media, librarians, book sellers, bloggers and more.

Galley’s are traditionally used in the publishing industry to get new books in the hands of qualified reviewers in advance of a book launch.

Members of NetGalley will receive ARC’s (Advance Reading Copies) to generate reviews and create buzz about “Asteroids” before the publication date.

The goal is to increase visibility and to have several reviews ready to post on Amazon the day the book goes live.

Final Cover Art and New Title

During the cover art development, I shared the draft artwork with friends and early readers.

When I showed the art to people who had no idea what the book was about, they could not figure out what “OIDS” meant.

Even when presented with an image of asteroids flying, people could not figure out that Oids was short for asteroids.

So, I made the decision to change the Title and Sub-title of the book.

Oids is now “Asteroids”

The sub-title is now: “Escape from the Arcadians.”

Hopefully the potential reader will have a better idea of what the book is about and get the feeling the story is action oriented and adventurous.

I think it works and is a big improvement. The goal is for people to purchase the book.

I think this title and sub-title are more likely to drawn in potential readers.

What do you think?




New Author Page on Facebook!

Marketing and promotion. I expect much of my time over the next several months will be spent focusing on getting the word out and promoting OIDs.

At the same time, I’ll be trying to work on the second edition of the OIDs series.

One part of the marketing plan is to have an Author Page on Facebook.

The beginnings of the page are set.

Later people will be able to click a button and order the book from Amazon.

I also expect to post news, events and updates on this page in the hopes of building a fan base.

So…go to www.facebook/OIDStheBook and “LIKE” the page!

Cover Art in the Works!

I’ve been working with book cover artist, Jeff Brown, on the artwork for Oids – New Arcadia.

Jeff’s cover art typically shows up on 15 covers out of the top 100 books on Amazon sci-fi and fantasy categories.

Jeff must be good because he has repeat customers from the top 14 authors of sci-fi and fantasy on Amazon.

With these credentials I think he is an excellent choice to help design a great cover for Oids.

Below is the rough draft….this is the general concept with a few minor changes underway.

Getting close to finishing this book!

I started writing OID’s on a rainy day in China in April of 2014.

It was a holiday weekend. I was stuck in a hotel room for three days. With nothing else to do, I began to write.

The basis of the story had been rattling around my brain for years….at least the beginning and the end anyway.

All the things that happen in between developed as I began to write.

I didn’t work on the book full time. That’s one reason this project has taken nearly five years. There were several stretches where I didn’t write for months, but with support from my daughter and friends, I slowly plugged away at it.

Then came the editing which took months longer than normal. After the initial edit, I had to work through the entire book again. As I worked, I sent the book chapter by chapter to a second editor.

Once the second editor was finished, I read through it and cut, pasted, and fixed things again….Finally I had the help of several readers who found typos, missing words and made suggestions for bits they didn’t quite follow.

I am waiting for the feedback of two more readers before I finally call this book done and put a fork in it!

It is exciting to finally finish Oids, but I have lots of work ahead of me. I need to publish, market, and promote the book if I hope to sell any copies.

Then there is the prospect of writing a second installment of Oids….and what to do about all the other stories bouncing around my brain? These need to be written as well.

I guess I can keep myself busy for quite a while.

What a hobby. Why couldn’t I just like fishing?

Manuscript sent to Editor

I have discovered a website called Reedsy.

Reedsy helps writers/authors find professionals to help connect with editors, book cover designers, publicists, etc. to help a writer down the path to getting published.

I suppose if I was famous or even confident enough I could run off in search of a literary agent and publisher, but since Oids is my first effort, it’s a best of a book and I’m not really sure what I’ve got (market potential and story structure wise) I think it’s best to have a professional editor work through it and help fix major issues before taking any other steps.

I have successfully used Reedsy to find an editor, Jim Spivey, to plow through Oids and tear it apart in an effort to make it a better book.

I sent all 899 pages (in 6″ x9″ book format) to Jim Sunday night.

So….Oids – New Arcadia has met a major milestone. I’ve finished the writing, self-edited 3 times through and have now sent it off to a professional editor.

Now I sit back and wait. I’ll use this time to start work on a new project, something completely different, but a story I am very familiar with….more on that at a later time.



Readers and re-writes

For the past month I have been getting feedback from readers and doing some rewrites.

I also reached out to Bon Wie of NASA to help with some technology and did re-writes to make the tech real or at least not unrealistic.

I’m waiting for feedback from a couple other readers. I’m sure there are plenty of changes and fixes. I have my own list of changes I am working through.

So…when you thought you were done….even after self-editing the entire book twice…’s just the beginning of fixing and plugging holes.


Second Edit – Finished

This afternoon I have completed a full second edit. I’m happy with this accomplishment….finishing the day before my 59th birthday.

I still have some work to do though. I have a character named Charnel who is begging to be in the book. She only has one chapter and a few mentions so far.

I feel I can layer her in without disturbing what’s already written because Charnel is oblivious to what’s happening in the world around her.

She does however add some important elements in her life that help define the state of technology at the time of this story.

Let’s see what becomes of Charnel.

Asteroid Day 2017

I’m excited about Asteroid Day!

Check the website to learn about asteroids, watch cool videos and learn about the potential for Earths destruction by space rocks! ah!