Final Cover Art and New Title

During the cover art development, I shared the draft artwork with friends and early readers.

When I showed the art to people who had no idea what the book was about, they could not figure out what “OIDS” meant.

Even when presented with an image of asteroids flying, people could not figure out that Oids was short for asteroids.

So, I made the decision to change the Title and Sub-title of the book.

Oids is now “Asteroids”

The sub-title is now: “Escape from the Arcadians.”

Hopefully the potential reader will have a better idea of what the book is about and get the feeling the story is action oriented and adventurous.

I think it works and is a big improvement. The goal is for people to purchase the book.

I think this title and sub-title are more likely to drawn in potential readers.

What do you think?