An Asteroid storm is coming.

Life and the world we know will never be the same. Millions of people will die but Colonel Cruikshank has worked to keep the coming apocalypse secret; creating underground cities for the, “Few and Fortunate.”

Rick Munday, a struggling astrophysicist from Cal Tech is invited to a seminar. He is kidnapped and taken to the Utopian city of New Arcadia where he learns that the asteroid storm has already begun. Rick escapes New Arcadia in hopes of saving his family only to end up in the middle of Nebraska. Rick and new friends he meets along the way attempt to thwart the efforts of the Arcadians and save thousands more souls while dodging meteors and being chased by the evil Captain Kobalt.

Asteroids is a fast paced near-future dystopian adventure across America in the middle of an, end of the world asteroid storm.

Watch out! Tribulation will get you out there…


People around the world are getting their copies

From Anaheim, California all the way to Singapore, people are excited to get their copies of ASTEROIDS! I read on the sales report that a paperback was sold in Italy. Not bad for the first week of publication. Thanks to everyone for their support. I hope everyone enjoys reading ASTEROIDS.