An Asteroid storm is coming.

A mysterious group within the government led by Colonel Cruikshank knew the storm was coming. They took extreme measures to keep the storm secret while building underground cities to protect the few and the fortunate. Cruikshank’s goal is that after the storm, his survivors will emerge from the protected cities as a more perfect humanity. He will create his utopian society named Arcadia, no matter what it takes.

Rick Munday is a husband, father, and struggling Astrophysicist who needs his grant approved. When Cruikshank learns that Rick’s grant proposal predicts the asteroid storm, he is drugged, kidnapped, and taken to an underground city named New Arcadia.

On his quest to escape from the Arcadians and get home to his family, Rick and new friends use their high-tech skills to warn the world of the coming disaster and expose the underground cities. Captain Kobalt, Cruikshank’s enforcer chases Rick and his friends across America leading to a climactic conflict between Rick and Kobalt.

Asteroids–Bridge to Nowhere is a fast-paced near-future dystopian adventure

Watch out! Tribulation will get you out there…


People around the world are getting their copies

From Anaheim, California all the way to Singapore, people are excited to get their copies of ASTEROIDS! I read on the sales report that a paperback was sold in Italy. Not bad for the first week of publication. Thanks to everyone for their support. I hope everyone enjoys reading ASTEROIDS.