Getting close to finishing this book!

I started writing OID’s on a rainy day in China in April of 2014.

It was a holiday weekend. I was stuck in a hotel room for three days. With nothing else to do, I began to write.

The basis of the story had been rattling around my brain for years….at least the beginning and the end anyway.

All the things that happen in between developed as I began to write.

I didn’t work on the book full time. That’s one reason this project has taken nearly five years. There were several stretches where I didn’t write for months, but with support from my daughter and friends, I slowly plugged away at it.

Then came the editing which took months longer than normal. After the initial edit, I had to work through the entire book again. As I worked, I sent the book chapter by chapter to a second editor.

Once the second editor was finished, I read through it and cut, pasted, and fixed things again….Finally I had the help of several readers who found typos, missing words and made suggestions for bits they didn’t quite follow.

I am waiting for the feedback of two more readers before I finally call this book done and put a fork in it!

It is exciting to finally finish Oids, but I have lots of work ahead of me. I need to publish, market, and promote the book if I hope to sell any copies.

Then there is the prospect of writing a second installment of Oids….and what to do about all the other stories bouncing around my brain? These need to be written as well.

I guess I can keep myself busy for quite a while.

What a hobby. Why couldn’t I just like fishing?